The QQI Roles, Responsibilities and Code of Conduct document is intended for persons engaged by QQI for the purpose of:

• evaluation of new provider quality assurance procedures (initial access);

• evaluation of existing provider quality assurance procedures for the purpose of approval (reengagement);

• validation or revalidation of a taught programme of education and training;

• validation or revalidation of a research degree programme;

• review (standard or focussed) of validation;

• cyclical review of an institution of higher education or a provider of further education and  training;

• focussed review of the implementation and effectiveness of providers’ quality assurance procedures;

• evaluation of a request for delegated authority to make awards;

• review of delegated authority;

• monitoring the implementation of quality assurance policies and procedures;

• review of procedures for access, transfer and progression; or

• any other kind of quality related evaluation or review that QQI may undertake.


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