Requesting an Exemption from CAS component for a learner who holds a non QQI award or a higher education qualification

Learners who have an existing qualification gained from an Irish higher education awarding body or from a non-Irish awarding body can claim an exemption from one or more CAS components.

Providers may claim these exemptions using QBS, but only under the following conditions:

  • The provider has carried out due diligence checks to ensure that the previous qualification is genuine and that it is an appropriate basis for the requested exemption.
  • Only awards which are no more than five years old, as dated on the certificate, may be used to claim an exemption.
  • Only when the learner is in a position to achieve a major award can the relevant exemption(s) be submitted for certification.
  • CAS components achieved by exemption will be neutral in the calculation of the grade of the compound award.

Where such an award was previously recognised by FETAC e.g. ECDL, MOS, CACHE, higher education awards etc., an exemption against a CAS component can be claimed through QBS. See QSearch, Exemptions for the published list of these recognised awards. 

Where a learner holding an award that is not on the published list seeks recognition of that award from a provider, the provider must use RPL.

QQI will no longer accept applications for exemption on a case by case basis.

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