Claiming an exemption is a procedure carried out at provider level when entering candidates for certification.

An exemption can only be claimed for a learner:

  • who holds an existing component which is referenced to one of the common award system (CAS) components
  • who is applying for a major award or special purpose award

For example, a learner who already has the level 5 component Early Childhood Education (D20007) and is applying for one of the new level 5 major awards can use D20007 to apply for the new component 5N1773 Early Childhood Education and Play.

From January 2016, new conditions apply to claiming exemptions, please view updated version here.

CAS award structures can be viewed in QSearch Awards.

Listings of CAS components which can be claimed by exemption are available.  Click here for Levels 3/4 and here for Levels 5/6.  The lists identify which non CAS component(s), if any, can be used to claim a CAS component.  You can search for a code / title of interest using Ctrl F.

The procedure for claiming exemptions through QBS certification can be viewed here.

To achieve a new common major or special purpose award a learner must have achieved at least one of the new component awards.

Components achieved through exemption will be graded as ‘Exempt’ on a transcript. As the transcript displays the learner’s entire FET award history, the original component used to achieve the exemption will also show on the transcript, with the relevant grade and date awarded.

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