If you have recently signed up for a course with an education and training provider that offers programmes leading to a QQI award, you will have been asked for personal data and you might have some questions in this regard.  The following questions and subsequent answers should help to explain why such data is requested and returned.

Q: Why did I have to give my PPSN, name and date of birth in order to receive an award made my QQI?

A: QQI uses your PPSN as a unique identifier.  It allows all your achievements to be kept within one record on the QQI certification system.
 Your name is recorded because it is printed on your certificate.
 Your date of birth is used for statistical purposes.  It can also help to trace your records on the certification system,  especially if you were certified by any of QQI’s legacy bodies (HETAC, FETAC, NCVA, NCEA).  PPSNs were not used prior to 2005.

Q: What other data about me does the training provider give to QQI?

A: In order to process your award and to issue a certificate to you, QQI needs information about the course you are on, the award you hope to achieve and the results/grades you have achieved.

Q: Does QQI use the contact details I gave to the education and training provider, to contact me?

A: The contact details that you submitted are only used by your education and training provider.  As QQI only deals with learners via their education and training provider, they do not contact learners directly.

Q: How long does QQI hold information about my award?

A: As an awarding body, QQI has a national responsibility to keep all records indefinitely.  Many award holders contact QQI for verification of their qualifications, for a variety of reasons e.g.
- commencing new employment
- newly introduced regulations that require specific qualifications e.g. Childcare
- proof of qualification to access a college programme
- qualification evaluation for residency in other countries.

As QQI holds records for its legacy awarding bodies HETAC, FETAC, NCVA and NCEA, this service can be provided to a wide range of award holders, dating back to the 1970s.

Q: How are my records stored?

A: When you complete a course, your education and training provider submits your data to QQI, using our secure certification system.
 Historical records are held on another of QQI’s secure databases or, on paper files.

Q: Why did my training provider ask me for proof that I am not required to pay for my certificate?

A: QQI charges for each certificate it issues.  Some learners are entitled to an exemption from that fee.  Your training provider will require proof that this is the case.  You will subsequently be recorded as “Fees Exempt” on QQI’s Secure Certification System.

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