NARIC Ireland provides advice on the academic recognition of a foreign qualification by comparing it, where possible, to a major award at a certain level on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ)

How does NARIC Ireland operate? 

  • Visit

  • Search by your home country (for example , UK, Australia , Poland)

  • If you award is listed, download / print the comparability statement for your foreign qualification

  • If your award is not listed please fill in the form available from here

See our NARIC Guide (GA/ ES/ PT/ FR/ PLCHI / RU / ARA / UA ) for more information on how to use the database and understand the comparability statements available.

View Advice on Foreign Qualifications - Quality and Qualifications Ireland video

If you hold an Irish qualification and want information on how to get it recognised abroad, you can contact the relevant Enic-Naric centre.

We welcome your feedback. Should you have any questions on the information or advice provided here, you can submit a query through QHelp.

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